L.A Banks

Hello! I'm an experienced copywriter, published author (The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost) and all-round film buff and music obsessive. If it's weird, you can guarantee I'll like it. Website: www.lucy-banks.co.uk

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The 8 Most Haunted Places in the UK
5 months ago
Much as I love visiting other countries, I always enjoy coming back home. Yes, the UK weather is frequently rubbish, and yes, the food can leave something to be desired. But it’s one of the most atmos...
The Darker Meanings Behind Nursery Rhymes
5 months ago
If you’re a parent of children (or have children in the family), chances are that you’ve sung them a nursery rhyme or two in the past. There’s something about those catchy little tunes that kids love,...
Nine of the World’s Most Haunted Forests
5 months ago
I’m a sucker for a good wood. In fact, as a child, I used to quite happily head off into the local woods for hours on end. (Ah, those were the days, when kids used to be able to do that). However, one...
9 Horror Movie Sets That Experienced Real Hauntings
5 months ago
There’s something fun about watching a horror film. If you’re like me, you’ll probably view it from behind the nearest cushion/friend’s shoulder, but nonetheless, fear-factor aside, it’s always an exh...
The Five Most Frightening Creepypasta Stories
5 months ago
The internet has spawned many fun and fabulous user-driven sites over the years. However, there’s one that’s guaranteed to frighten: Creepy Pasta. Creepypasta (a mash-up of the words ‘creepy’ and ‘cop...
The Scariest Exorcisms in History
5 months ago
People have always been fascinated with demonic possession. You only have to look at the sheer range of movies and books, from The Amityville Horror to the ever-popular The Exorcist, to see how much t...