Leanne Smith

Aspiring writer and performer, massive horror fanatic and kpop fan. Things I will mainly write about are horror, myths, kpop, TV, film and games with a little bit of life-hack and top 10 lists on the side. 

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La Llorona
6 months ago
The legend of La Llorona comes from Mexican folklore and is very popular in pop culture, especially within the horror scene. La Llorona, also known as the Weeping Women, is a spirit of a mother search...
6 months ago
Hellhounds are mythological, supernatural dogs from ancient folklore. They are most associated with being Satan's pets and are popular in pop culture when mentioning the underworld of the Devil. In th...
6 Scariest Christmas Movies
7 months ago
Christmas is a wonderful time of year with eggnog, presents, snow, carol singing, food, and traditions. All your family gathers around to play charades, Uno, and the family friendship-breaking game Mo...
The Story of Krampus
8 months ago
Christmas is a wonderful time of year when the nice man in red brings gifts to all of the well-behaved children. It's a time of joy and love. For some, however, the Christmas demon might make a surpri...
6 Things You Should Never Do on Halloween
9 months ago
Halloween is just around the corner. People are buying their candy, costumes and party essentials; kids are getting excited to get their hands on free goodies. With that being said, Halloween can also...