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Believe in the paranormal, learn to love each other and be kind. 

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Why, Where, and How of Hauntings
4 months ago
I may not know everything about the paranormal world, but I can pass on my knowledge. In this post I want to talk about times and places where you are more likely to experience paranormal activity. I ...
'The Amityville Horror'
5 months ago
The Amityville Horror is a book published in 1977 that inspired movies and the book was inspired by real-life events. The first movie was released in 1979. It has been the subject of controversy and l...
5 months ago
Zozo is one of the most famous demons besides the devil. Please read all of this before you play with a Ouija board or do anything else paranormal. I will be going over who Zozo is, his names, how you...
Paranormal Games and Rituals
6 months ago
We have all heard of some of these, if not played one of them. There is a lot of risk in them, even though you might think they're just a fun game. You are summoning demons and spirits or trying to go...
Skin Walkers
9 months ago
Skin walkers are a Native American legend. They are a witch that can turns into or possesses any creature or animal that it wants to so that it can do bad things. It can never be used by a healing wit...
The Black Eye Children
9 months ago
So the black eye children are a group of kids who have black eye balls or black irises, depends on who you talk to. They come to your home or car and they will ask for help. They will either ask for a...