Lewis Jefferies

I'm a Creative Writing student at the University of Portsmouth, who is a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who!

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'The Conjuring' to Return With Another Sequel, Likely Without Director James Wan
13 days ago
The Conjuring franchise is one of the top rated franchises across the globe, and it doesn't stop with The Conjuring 2. It has been confirmed that The Conjuring will get a second sequel — which is in e...
BBC 'Sherlock' Writers Drop the Detective Series for a New 'Dracula' Adaptation
13 days ago
The showrunners of the gripping BBC series Sherlock are putting the famous, modern-day detective series behind them as they begin to tackle an all-new project: Dracula. Writers Steven Moffat and Mark ...
Andrew Lincoln Heartbroken Over Intense Walking Dead Season 6 Finale End Scene
20 days ago
Andrew Lincoln's 'The Walking Dead' character Rick Grimes has found himself in a rather unpleasant situation of the show's season 6 finale! Rick had been caught by 'The Saviours' and was forced to his...
Season 7 Of 'The Walking Dead' Hits Screens Next October (2016)
20 days ago
We all pretty much knew this was going to happen — The Walking Dead will have a seventh season in the franchise. Since it first began airing in 2010, it's been a huge hit on AMC. Season 7 is to air ar...
Universal Studios Hollywood Welcomes Walking Dead Attraction
20 days ago
Over the past four years, The Walking Dead has pretty much dominated the Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Night events. It's one of their most popular attractions since the launch of the s...
The Members Of the Rebooted 'It' Losers' Club Reveal Who They Hope To See Play The Adult Characters
25 days ago
It is ready to terrify the world with the rebooted version of Stephen King's spooky and legendary book. The reboot is set to be released in theatres across the world from September 8th, in which will ...