Luke Duffy

The Genius of 'Paranormal Activity'
9 months ago
Following its 2009 release, Paranormal Activity caused a boom of found footage films, a boom that just now appears to be ceasing, a decade later. The majority of these films have been terrible, hence ...
Why 1990s 'Night of the Living Dead' Is One of the Better Horror Remakes
a year ago
There are as many good remakes as there are many good films. Very few. A remake is the opportunity to take a story, a character or an idea that was expressed in one film and express it differently in ...
Top 5 Horror Sequels We're Still Waiting To See
a year ago
When looking at the history of cinema it seems that any horror film, even a bad one, is able to spawn sequels. In terms of quality, some films have been strengthened by sequels. Look at the Phantasm s...