Luke Wolfe

Aspiring writer of fiction. I love horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and all sorts of things. Once wrote a book called the Chronicles of Vik, never published. Hoping that people will find my works of fiction enjoyable to read and wanting more. 

Vik: A Vampire's Tale (Chapter 3)
a year ago
Vik began to scan the pages of the book. He ran past his family's lineage and the early history of his father. His father, a brute of a man, had not a shred of compassion in him. King of Vallerian, he...
Vik: A Vampire's Tale (Chapter 2)
a year ago
Vik ran to the nearest railroad that headed towards the City of London. He could just as easy have run there, but he needed to be swift and unseen. He noticed a train pulling out and he quickly jumped...
Vik: A Vampire's Tale
a year ago
The city around him grew quiet when night fell. He had only just awoken from slumber a mere two hours ago. Dreams and nightmares of his past came rushing to him like wildfire spread, taking over mothe...