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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I've just started a couple of new projects. If you like my writing I've set up here, why don't you come check ou some of the other things I'm working on?

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a month ago
Harper rolled over, grumbling as she smacked around her nightstand for the EBS siren. After a few tries her hand curled around her phone. The screen illuminated the room, hurting her eyes, and she squ...
a year ago
Low, sultry tones echoed from the piano as Morgana's fingers slid across the ebony keys. Moonlight faded into the gallery from the wide windows, bathing her in a sliver of light. Slowly the tune picke...
a year ago
Morgana laughed, stretching out her new body. She bent down, grabbing the book that had once been her only housing and strolled out. Now it was her turn to lock people away. Footsteps were already sto...
Noxen Light: Chapter 2
a year ago
"Here you go, sweetling," Aveline said as she laid three bowls on the bar top. "Thank you, Avie," Ailis said, smiling at her friend. Aveline had at one point been a part of the guild, going out on job...
Noxen Light: Chapter One
a year ago
"Must you always cause problems whereever you go, Darvain?" a hissing voice called from behind a dark-haired youth. The youth tilted his head back so he could look over his shoulder at the Arachnid wh...
Noxen Light
a year ago
"Hide," Larissa whispered sharply, shoving her brother into a hollowed, fallen tree. Once she was certain he was hidden, she sprinted away into the main clearing. She would hide him for as long as she...