M. Tomasch

I live for a sigh, I die for a kiss, I lust for the laugh, ha ha! I never walk when I can leap! I never flee when I can fight! I swoon at the beauty of a rose.
Let's Talk Paranormal (Pt. 2)
3 days ago
Before I dive into the experiences of my family in my childhood home that I addressed in my last article, let me give you some context. My mother lost one of her brothers in a tragic car accident at a...
Let's Talk Paranormal
9 days ago
My name is M. Tomasch. I don't claim to be a medium or a psychic. However, I have had enough happen in my life to know that I have some sort of abilities. It started when I was little. My childhood ho...
America's Most Haunted
17 days ago
When someone is haunted or cursed, it would make perfect sense to make an attempt to break the curse or remove the spirit haunting you. For one person though, it would seem that he likes being haunted...
Halloween Villains Explained Part 3
20 days ago
I have explored with you the myth and facts behind two of the horror industry’s greatest villains: satanic cults and witches. Now, I will take you into the world of the paranormal and how horror films...
Halloween Villains Explained (Part 2)
23 days ago
Bewitched premiered its first episode on September 17, 1964. With such a colorful cast of witches, mortals, and warlocks, it is a wonder how witches were ever seen as evil. A great misconception about...
Halloween Villains Explained Part 1
a month ago
"Ave Satanas." Anyone keeping up with the newest season of American Horror Story will be very familiar with this phrase. Uttered by Damien, I mean Michael, at the conclusion of a steamy ritualistic sc...