Mac Childs

I fight the good fight. I still believe that good beats evil, everytime, and the good guys are humble and brave. Old fashioned? Maybe. Delusional? Probably. Just imagine if we all lived in that delusion...come on, join me here in the sun.

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We Need to Talk
a year ago
“We, you and I, need to have a talk.” The voice is deep and unnatural. I turn, but no one is there. The lights blink off and back on, making a staticky hiss. The temperature drops sharply, and I can s...
When It's Time
a year ago
I stood as motionless as I could and watched a hummingbird as it visited the feeder hanging from the eave of my apartment. As it went to move away, it hovered just outside the window for a second and ...
The Spirit of Emory Mountain
a year ago
This story takes place about 20 years ago; I was new with the department at the time and was just really getting my bearings. While I may have embellished a little on the dialogue, make no mistake, th...
My Nightmare
a year ago
What was that? There, I heard it again. Do you hear it? I look at the clock beside the bed; it reads 3:15 AM in bright block numbers that put the whole room in a red glow. It’s blinding. I keep meanin...
The Mourning
a year ago
It had been a great year, the best. The six of them had been friends since high school and, together, they had made it through their first year of College. Afterward, they had each went home to celebr...