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Margaret Minnicks shares articles with readers all over the world. Topics include celebrities, royal family, movies, television, foods, drinks, health issues, and other interesting things. Thanks in advance for TIPS that are sent my way. 

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What Do You Expect to See in a Horror Movie?
5 days ago
When writers, producers, and creators sit down at the table to come up with a script for a movie, they have a list of things they want to include. They know they have to play up to viewers' greatest f...
Why So Many People Love Horror Movies
13 days ago
Some people just love horror movies. They watch scary movies even though a lot of them have the same themes, and tell the same story in different ways. People might not know why they love watching sca...
Horror Movies on Netflix
15 days ago
There seems to be a lot of people who love to watch horror movies. As of July 2019, there is a long list of horror films to choose from. You might have seen or heard about some of them, but there migh...
Netflix's Movie Review: 'Pihu'
19 days ago
Pihu is a movie like no other. It is intense and keeps viewers watching every single minute because they don't want to miss anything the two-year-old girl is doing, while she is left alone in a house ...