Marielle Sabbag

Writing has been my passion. I love creating stories from fiction, poetry, fanfiction, and I even enjoy writing reviews about movies and plays. I would love to become a freelance writer and leave the world inspiring minds.

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'The Open House'—A Movie Review
3 months ago
Everyone knows everyone in a small town. Let’s see if they can wrap their head around this difficult plot-line. The Open House is a Netflix released 2018 film, written and directed by Matt Angel and S...
'Hush'—A Movie Review
4 months ago
A lot goes on in the mind of a writer. Your story just may turn into something you never expected like Maddie Young’s evening. Hush is a 2016 slasher film directed by Mike Flanagan. Independent deaf w...
'Misery' - A Movie Review
5 months ago
If you think you’ve experienced misery, then you’d better call yourself lucky not to have been in Paul Sheldon’s aching shoes. Misery crept into theaters in 1990. In one of Stephen King’s most popular...
'It: Chapter One' (2017)—A Movie Review
6 months ago
If you ever see a floating red balloon along the street chances are that Pennywise the Dancing Clown is stalking you. Based on the chilling novel by author Stephen King, It centers around the lives of...
'Hereditary' - A Movie Review
7 months ago
I am still trying to re-adjust my jaw from having it fall to the ground so many times. Trailers. You either love them or hate them. Some give away too much, while others hide twists so well that you s...
'Happy Death Day'—A Movie Review
7 months ago
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Well, that sounds encouraging! But, didn’t I just hear those exact same words yesterday? And the day before? And a week ago? Something is strange! I ha...