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Horror-obsessed writer and Filmmaker, read my ramblings here and see my short films on YouTube:MattLoftus85
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See Angus Scrimm's Tall Man in This Retro Fangoria Ad
a year ago
Any horror fan who takes the genre seriously has no doubt seen, or at least heard of, the Phantasm movies. If not, you must have been hanging out in another dimension where the Tall Man, a fictional b...
'The Walking Dead' Is on Hiatus: Check Out the British Zombie Drama 'In the Flesh'
a year ago
Well, It's going to be a few months until Rick and co are back fighting hordes of zombies on your television sets, so why not take this time to catch up with a lesser-known #zombie offering? The BBC 3...
Fancy a Descent Through Hell Itself? 'The Void' Is Waiting for You
a year ago
A bloodied man, a dilapidated hospital and a cult of worshipers carrying daggers are just some of the ingredients in the cosmic horror flick #TheVoid. It's the latest in this never-ending '80s-inspire...
Weird Weekday Movies: See Jeffrey Combs Play a Talking Pile of Mold in 'Motivational Growth'
a year ago
Have you ever been channel hopping on late-night TV and come across a movie so weird that you're instantly hooked? If not, then you're probably more adjusted than me. If you HAVE, then #MotivationalGr...
Before 'TWD,' Norman Reedus Faced Horror in John Carpenter's 'Cigarette Burns'
a year ago
If you're super fans of #NormanReedus on #TheWalkingDead, then you've patiently waited for his return in the second half of Season 7. Some of you out there can't get enough of his portrayal of bad-boy...
Why 'Beyond the Gates' Failed to Deliver a True VHS Horror Masterpiece
a year ago
Hardcore horror fans of that bygone era where you could stroll into your local video store and pick up a couple of day rentals have no doubt heard of this film. #BeyondTheGates is a retro-feel movie s...