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"Matt Donnellon is a humorist, essayist, story teller and writer" - Matthew Donnellon

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Catch Up On 'The Walking Dead' With These Recaps
a day ago
The Walking Dead returns this Sunday. So, this is a good time to catch up on anything you missed before the mid-season premier. Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 1 Spoilers for the Walking Dead below. The...
The Night I Met a Monster
9 days ago
I carried three things with me that day. First, an iron coin. I wasn’t sure what the year was, or even the country of origin. The faces were worn nearly flat and there was only a hint of ridges on its...
The Ballad of Eric Once Bitten
9 days ago
The Ballad of Eric Once Bitten We walked the same barren roads we’d been walking for years. The road and the few houses still standing never regained any of the colors they once had. The world still c...
25 days ago
There are times when one must test his mettle against circumstances in which he would rather not find himself. These trials are essential to moving from boy to man, and many cultures around the world ...
The Curious Case of Emma Lee
25 days ago
It was a rainy day, the day that I met her. I remember the raindrops making their way down the shop windows as I walked along the sidewalk. I clutched my collar, holding it close to keep the precipita...