Matthew Trundle

A fan of film and tv aspiring to be a somewhat good writer. 

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'Us' Is Auteur-Led Horror at Its Best
2 months ago
I saw many comments calling Jordan Peele the new “master of suspense” prior to the release of his sophomore feature Us and thought how high people’s expectations were getting and how some people were ...
Lily Rabe Is Often the Unsung MVP of 'American Horror Story'
10 months ago
Much deserved media attention was brought to the show after it was announced that Jessica Lange was departing as a series regular after co-leading the series in the show's early years. However, amidst...
'Bates Motel' Shaped a Classic Horror Film into an Emotional Drama Series
10 months ago
It is evident straight from its pilot episode that something is amiss with Norman Bates with the death of his father causing immediate audience speculation as this tragic event sends our protagonists ...