Melody Humby

26-year-old college student and cat mother of two beautiful fur babies. Enjoys horror movies and long walks on a short pier. 

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3 days ago
Every day I took the same path home from school. It was through the woods and crossed over the only highway out of town. My parents kept telling me not to go near there because lately people had been ...
3 days ago
Halloween was my favourite holiday. It wasn’t just about the candy or the costumes; it was about the ghost stories and urban legends. I loved staying up late with my friends, Anna and Renee, and we tr...
4 days ago
Phillip had lived his entire eight years without being able to hear so much as his mother's voice. But, despite his disability, he still did normal things. He joined Little League, played soccer, and ...
5 days ago
Ethan had been planning this party for a whole week. His parents were going out of town to visit his grandmother, who had been recently hospitalized, and he knew it was the perfect time to show everyo...
Apple Valley
6 days ago
James and Katherine had been exploring the housing market for three months now, trying to find the perfect home to settle into before their first child made his grand entrance into the world. Apple Va...
7 days ago
"The project is still in its early stages, Victor," Lori said as she tore down the busy highway. "I don't care what Tom is saying... no, listen... yes, I'm dropping Olivia off at her soccer game and t...