Michael Bauch

I have a specific interest in psychological and paranormal horror. With 15+ years law enforcement experience under my belt, some of what you'll see in my work is based off true events.  Enjoy.

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Haunting Me Part 5
10 hours ago
I held my breath for a moment. Here it was again, the apparition that had stalked me for nearly a decade and it was less than six feet from me. This ghost, demon, whatever it was, loomed over Joyce’s ...
Haunting Me Part 4
3 days ago
Four rapid pounds rocked the house. Four more came, thundering through the door and vibrating the walls. I heard the racking of a shotgun to my right; it was Joe, taking aim at the door. I looked at t...
Haunting Me Part 3
4 days ago
What followed had to be the longest inquisition I’d ever been a part of, and to remind you, I once went to jail. My previous time as an inmate of this very county didn’t help my situation, or the situ...
Pennywise Wasn't Created by IT
4 days ago
Pennywise was a real person… At least that’s the theory I’m starting with. In Stephen King’s IT the titular, unnamed entity takes on a multitude of physical identities, but something occurred to me. N...
Haunting Me (Part 2)
10 days ago
When you travel for a living, especially in a state as big as Texas, you spend a lot of time eating out of paper, cardboard and parchment. You also spend a lot of time drinking out of to-go cups. For ...
Haunting Me
10 days ago
There are some things that only ghosts and civil servants should know. That was a corny-ass line I’d heard years ago, attached to some direct-to-video b-horror movie. I never gave it much thought when...