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Michael Reynoso is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about video games, NBA, horror, and wrestling. Michael also delivers the best news, trailers, reviews, theories, movies, and so much more. 

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'The Nun' Movie Review: A New 'Conjuring' Spin-off Has Arrived!
a year ago
The Nun is the biggest horror movie opener since The Conjuring, and it gave us endless suspense from beginning to end. So The Nun movie is the prequel to The Conjuring and the movie was a solid horror...
'The Nun' Official Teaser Trailer Review!!
a year ago
Wow!!! If you guys have not seen The Nun trailer, you should watch it right now. I have watched the trailer with my sister and we were completely spooked, especially me (laugh). Now, when you start th...
Movie Review: 'Truth or Dare'
a year ago
Welcome, Horror fans!! The most feared game ever played, Truth or Dare, is out in theaters. The creepy face is the best part of the movie. I am yours truly, Michael, and I will do a movie review for T...
Movie Review: 'A Quiet Place'
a year ago
Welcome, everyone!! Wow!! This was the most quiet movie you will ever see in a theater and it was absolutely fantastic! From beginning to end, the movie caught all of our attention and left us at the ...
'Halloween 2018' Spoilers! Michael Myers Has One Eye?!
a year ago
Welcome, Halloween fans!! I am yours truly, Michael. Halloween 2018 is almost here!! We are exactly six months away from the release of the brand new Halloween 2018 movie. Directed by David Gordon Gre...