Michael Whateley

An independent author and a keen YouTube. 

I write because I love to write. A lot of what I write has tiny nuggets of my life, like little easter eggs for regular readers to spot. 

On Facebook and YouTube I am Wannabe Author. 

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666 (Ch. 3)
7 months ago
Chapter three of 666. Please feel free to enjoy me reading the story, alternatively the story is below for you to read.
666 (Ch. 2)
7 months ago
Chapter two of my short story horror collection. Feel free to enjoy the video of my reading, or read the story for yourself below.
666 (Ch. 1)
7 months ago
The first story from my horror collection. I wrote this book four years ago. I tried to treat each short story as a novel in its own right; to make sure that the characters were believable, and not just two dimensional caricatures. Not long after writing it I had an email asking if I could read out some of the stories. I didn't have time sadly, but it started the nugget of an idea. Thanks to YouTube, a basic camera set up and green screen, I have found a new audience for my stories. Please feel ...