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18. MS. just trying to spread a little happiness throughout the world. if you enjoy what you read, let me know by leaving a tip!! Thank you for reading!

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Dinner Party (Pt. 4)
4 months ago
Having everyone stare at her made Evelyn a little uneasy, so she started to read: "Dear Evelyn, You were invited tonight because you know all the secrets of the other three guests here tonight, which ...
Dinner Party (Pt. 2 and 3)
5 months ago
Part Two: Living Room Interactions Toni locked eyes with Jonathan and quickly turned away. Jonathan approached her and tried to talk to her, but she kept shushing her. “I guess I’ll be the one to brea...
Dinner Party
6 months ago
Every year on Halloween, the Smith family had a large, extravagant party, only this year, they decided to only invite a select few. Everyone in the town had wanted an invitation, but only three people...