Monty Shaw

Aspiring to Inspire, One day I hope to be that thought of "What If" for a young writer. 

"What if" to me was my first take on creative writing. 

"What if people could control RED" (Fire - based on an old MS Paint picture I made)

My Zombie Plan – Plan 2
3 months ago
Living with my Girlfriend across the town from where my first Zombie Plan was... planned, leaves me having to find another plan for what I would do, were there any Walking Dead around. We live on top ...
My Zombie Plan - Plan 1
3 months ago
Now I know zombies don't exist, only in nature (The Last of Us could happen, who knows?), but ever since I knew what zombies were, I knew I had to prepare for them. I live in Canada, which is kind of ...
A Man Loves His Skin
4 months ago
A man loves his skin. He bathes daily to keep it refreshed, using only the finest quality lotion to steep in. He basks in oxygen and sunlight for a few hours on his balcony and makes sure to drink ple...
a year ago
The entirety of nature in the hands of a simple librarian, an average everyday fellow. He would wake up, shake himself to get the body stirring and brain juices flowing, grab his dream journal and wri...
a year ago
HOWL HOWL "Is anyone out there!? Please!" I can't be alone anymore, I don't want this life, I refuse this. All of it. Ever since my change, I've wanted nothing but to slaughter the young, old, innocen...