Myriah Martin

Myriah is an independent writer from Pennsylvania. You can find more of her work at 

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a year ago
Creeping up the stairs, Jayden did the best to keep her breathing muted. She was struggling after being chased through the woods. Her legs were sliced open and bleeding from tripping over logs and bra...
A Knock at the Door
a year ago
I woke to the sound of my dog barking. It was still dark as my eyes reluctantly opened. My sleepy brain tried to process what was going on. I rolled over to find my phone. The digital clock said it wa...
Stars in the Sky
a year ago
Tink, tink, tink. The rocks bounced off of my window. I know Luke would show up tonight. Sneaking as quietly as possible, I crept my way to the locked window. It opened without making a sound, thankfu...
A Late Night Meal
a year ago
I took a seat by myself in the mostly empty diner. It was late, past midnight, but not to the point of early morning just yet. I had gotten off of work early and figured I would treat myself to someth...
Oblivious Olivia Part 2
2 years ago
I woke with a start and instant panic. I expected to be in a jail cell. To my great surprise, I was not. I was home. On my couch, in fresh clothes, completely clean. I should have been happy. I wasn’t...
Oblivious​ Olivia
2 years ago
Peering in through the window, I watched her. In all honesty, her life was rather boring. She was almost always alone when she wasn’t at work. In the two weeks that I had been following her, I’d only ...