Natalie C.

I am a young writer who lets her creative flow through her writing. I tend to write on the darker side of topics because a lot of people don't. I have a darker imagination than most people. 

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The Dead Man
4 months ago
I was driving on a country road on my way to a friend’s house. It was in the middle of the night and I was almost there. When I looked in my rearview mirror, I saw a strange figure in the back seat. I...
4 months ago
Standing in front of the body drenched in their blood, I begin to realize what happened. Shaking in fear, all I could see was the dark night sky fiercely glooming over me. The day before I was a norma...
The Full Moon
4 months ago
The worst cramps I have ever had set into my biceps. My arms began twisting. I could feel my ankles popping. It came on so suddenly. I dropped to my bedroom floor. I looked out the window and saw a fu...
4 months ago
Hello, my name is Reijo Almila. I am 16 years old and this is my story. I just moved to this town in Lucherberg, Germany, from Velkua, Finland. All of my life I have been moving around. In all of the ...
4 months ago
I didn’t mean to kill her. She...she was just there. I couldn’t control my thoughts. Where do I hide the body? Will I get caught? Will I ever be able to go back to a normal life? So many questions and...
4 months ago
It was the start of a new day, the day that one old man would lose his life. His swollen, bloody feet stumbling to take the next step, forced to walk at a fast pace. Blindfolded, all he had was his se...