Neal Litherland

Neal Litherland is an author, freelance blogger, and RPG designer. A regular on the Chicago convention circuit, he works in a variety of genres.

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The Real Reason Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' Reboot Failed
17 days ago
I found myself in a rather unique position last month. Because while I'm a fan of slasher movies, I'd never actually seen any installment of the original Halloween series other than the first movie. T...
50 Two-Sentence Horror Stories
a month ago
For some people, horror is all about building suspense. It's the slow ratcheting up of tension until you get a sudden explosion of terror, or a glimpse into the cosmic workings of some madman's univer...
5 Famous Slashers (And Their Real-Life Counterparts)
3 months ago
No matter how much blood and gore splatters the screen when you're watching a horror movie, you can always comfort yourself by repeating the ancient, childhood mantra of, “It's only a movie. It isn't ...
What Does Cannibalism Do to Your Body?
4 months ago
Cannibalism is one of the most universal taboos. Frowned upon in nearly every culture around the world (even if there isn't always a law on the books to punish this very specific act), cannibals popul...
5 'The Purge' Movies They Should Make Next
4 months ago
When I first saw The Purge, I thought pretty much what everyone else thought at the time. The premise put forth in this low-budget home invasion movie was way too good to be wasted on something so for...
What Is the Monster in 'The Ritual'?
5 months ago
The Ritual is one of the best horror movies to hit Netflix in some time. Following the tale of four old college friends who take a hiking trip to Sweden, and who quickly find something strange stalkin...