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'Midsommar' Movie Preview
14 days ago
Young director Ari Aster sprang onto the scene with 2018's Hereditary, a genuinely scary horror film that was one of the years most talked about. What made it even more of an achievement was that Here...
'Halloween' (2018) Review and a Brief History of the Franchise
8 months ago
David Gordon Green's Halloween is now the third film in the series to have the same title and also not the first film in the franchise to disregard direct sequels as well, but before we get to the new...
'10 Cloverfield Lane'
a year ago
So is this film a sequel and connected to Cloverfield? Err, well, no and kind of are the simple answers. Writers Josh Campbell & Matthew Stuecken (if you believe the sources) wrote a woman in confinem...
'The Witch'
a year ago
Too often modern horror movies are not scary in the traditional sense. Classic horror films would unnerve you and stay with you for weeks after viewing them. Modern films tend to have people running a...