Nicole Renee "ItsFearHerself"

After founding her production company ItsFearHerself, solely writing, producing, and directing horror films. She’s made a wave in reviewing horror films, books, and TV as well. 

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The Imperfect Perfection
2 months ago
The Perfection is yes, far from perfect, however so worth it. I know it’s cheesy, but it is how I’m feeling and let me tell you why. I got a little hint about watching The Perfection, on Facebook of c...
'13 Cameras' vs. '14 Cameras'
7 months ago
When I initially heard about 13 Cameras, I was intrigued like no other. Yes, I had a slight fear of hidden surveillance, and I like many others got too carried away with research one day and realized ...
My Top Favorite Horror Films Coming Out This Year
a year ago
The first on my list is going to be Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare that comes out this April. This film really caught my attention with just the trailer alone. It starts off with a group of people playing ...
Why You Need to See 'Veronica'
a year ago
Before I start, I wanted to warn whoever is reading this that there are spoilers in this post. When I first saw Veronica I was at a loss for words. I heard about the film from a former classmate. I tr...
Memory Lane with the 'Insidious' Franchise
2 years ago
There is something about the 'Insidious' franchise that is ridiculously entertaining even though they can be extreme and over-the-top a lot of the time. However, I can honestly say that I’m guilty of ...