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10 Best Ghost Story Books
3 months ago
Nothing quite says spooky and timeless like a good ghost story. During the old days, people would gather around campfires and talk about the spooks and goblins that lurk on castle grounds. By the 1950...
10 of the Scariest Movies that Aren't Horror Movies
4 months ago
We all may shrink in terror when we get a good jump scare or feel a certain chill when we seriously creepy movie villains in action, but there's a limit to how scary something fake can be. The terror ...
Underrated Horror Films From the 80s
5 months ago
The 80s was one of the best decades in the horror genre. You can't even argue it when you think about how many of the best horror franchises in the world ended up being made at this point in history. ...
Urban Legends That Inspired Horror Movies
5 months ago
Urban legends are a staple of living in the United States and being a teenager. There isn't a person alive who doesn't enjoy a ghost story, and among teens, that's basically all you can really do when...
The Worst Horror Movies of All Time
6 months ago
Horror, as a genre, has a lot of bad movies that have been released—perhaps more so than any other film genre out there. Part of this is because it takes a lot of creativity and (in most cases) a lot ...
Scariest Haunted Hospitals in the World
7 months ago
Hospitals have a very ironic atmosphere about them, if you think about it. These are buildings that are meant to house life-saving technology and be centers where people heal themselves. They are supp...