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The 15 Most Bizarre Monsters from Medieval Folklore
4 months ago
What do you think of when someone mentions monsters from Medieval folklore? Do you think of werewolves, like France's loup-garou? Do you typically think of dragons from British legends? What about fai...
10 Places That Would Be Perfect Horror Movie Settings
9 months ago
A good horror movie always kicks off with the right setting—and let's face it, we all know certain places that look like they would be great settings for horror movies. To a point, they kind of have a...
The 10 Most Haunted Restaurants in the World
10 months ago
For most people, nightlife and entertainment venues are places to go when you feel lively. They're the places where people dance, dine, and drink the night away. Yet, most places that serve up good fo...
10 Horror Movies That Were Allegedly Cursed
10 months ago
It's often said that some people are just born under an unlucky star. They seem to see the worst that life offers, often causing chaos and problems everywhere they go. When it comes to people, the unf...
The 10 Most Haunted Hotels in America
a year ago
Have you ever wanted to perform a paranormal investigation on an allegedly haunted location? You're not alone—but that doesn't mean it's easy to find a place you can stay overnight. Most places that a...
The 10 Most Haunted Places in the World
a year ago
Do you believe in ghosts? Do you ever get the feeling that something strange is watching you? Something, perhaps, that may not be alive anymore? Believe it or not, a decent amount of people have felt ...