Paranormal World Girl

I've experienced too much in my life and had seen the world in many different ways. Life is strange and we have to make the best of it. 

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The Little Girl
22 days ago
When I was younger in my teens, I remember a really crazy dream that still feels real to this day. It was all about a little girl. She would haunt me almost all my life.
Spirit Communication
a year ago
Have you ever had that feeling like you've been touched by something and you have no explanation why? Yeah, I think that every day. After all, there's always something weird happening in my life.
Whispers in the Dark
a year ago
It's night time. You are laying down in your bed, you're about to sleep when suddenly you hear a voice next to you. You open your eyes and no one is there. Could it be someone trying to communicate fr...
Precognitive Empath? Part I
a year ago
May I start by saying, I think I might have hit the jackpot with this. And no - not the actual jackpot but this information is right on the money. My dreams are always sending me some type of messages...
Who's the Cra-Z-est of Them All?
a year ago
Ladies and Gentlemen—let's get ready to Evaluate! Who's more messed up.
A Night with Grandpa
a year ago
Spirits are all around us. Most of the time we don't realize it because we can't see them. Or can we? Sometimes if they want to be seen they will make an appearance. I was able to meet my Grandfather—...