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I write about various subjects, mostly Marvel related topics but am expanding into new territories. 

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'The Walking Dead' Has Had A Secret Narrative Weapon Since Season 1: RVs—No, Really
2 years ago
The threat of walkers keeps the survivors of The Walking Dead constantly moving, always jumping over fences or running through wooded glens. Said survivors never have an opportunity to sit down and re...
A New 'Fear The Walking Dead' Clip Teases Daniel's Reunion With His Daughter
2 years ago
When Fear The Walking Dead returned to television on Sunday September 8 for Season 3B, things got off to a great start with some amazingly tense scenes that didn't boil over like we expected them to. ...
5 Most Intense Moments From Last Night's Midseason Premiere Of 'Fear The Walking Dead'
2 years ago
Walkers are back, everyone! We still have to wait a little over a month for our favorite zombie drama, The Walking Dead, to return for its eighth season, but you can satiate your thirst for brains wit...
'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Will Include Some Unexpected Pairings
2 years ago
You won't have to wait much longer to get your fix of The Walking Dead, because in less than a month, Season 8's premiere will kick off one of the most explosive seasons yet. The newest season is set ...
The Biggest Moments from Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14, El Matadero
2 years ago
If you're a fan of The Walking Dead but haven't watched Fear the Walking Dead, you may want to catch up — especially since the two shows will cross over, as we learned at New York Comic Con last weeke...
Here's Your Breakdown Of The New 'Teen Wolf' Clips Aired At SDCC 2017
2 years ago
At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, MTV and the cast of Teen Wolf made an uproarious appearance in Hall H. The panel had fans screaming and shouting for all their favorite characters from the series f...