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I'm Peter,born in 1966 and from Belgium. Married with Veronika.Two lovely kids,Karolien & Filip.I'm a big movie-fan.That's why I created a blog.It's fun writing for it.Leave a comment there.That'll make my day :)

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'Charismata' (2017)
6 months ago
Even if you never had to learn police work like the rest of us plebs, anybody with a TV knows that it takes three bodies to make a serial killer. You know what I’m saying, you’re just being pedantic. ...
'Overlord' (2018)
6 months ago
The German doctor, he believes the tar in the ground has some kind of a power. He calls it his science. But it’s just an excuse to kill us. When I watched the movie Trench 11 at the end of last year, ...
'Incident in a Ghostland' (2018)
6 months ago
Jesus Christ. It’s Rob Zombie’s house. They came up with the following slogans for Hereditary, “The scariest film ever” and “A highlight in horror in the last 50 years." Well, I wonder what they would...
'Hereditary' (2018)
6 months ago
If you could have just said, “I’m sorry,” or faced up to what happened. Maybe then we could do something with this. But you can’t take responsibility for anything! So now I can’t accept… And I can’t f...
'Boar' (2017)
6 months ago
Either I’m pissed off my chest mate, or that’s the biggest fucking boar I’ve ever seen. In 1955 we had a giant octopus in “It came from beneath the Sea” and last year we had the giant shark in The Meg...
Movie Review - 'Cargo' (2017)
8 months ago
We have no idea what it was that bit you. It had fingers, Andy! Fuck! If there’s one genre with so many releases that you get tired of it, it’s certainly the zombie genre. I’m sure this kind of movies...