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'Peelers' - A Review (Netflix)
6 days ago
Ladies and gentleman, we have a contender. I have watched a lot of terrible films on Netflix, mostly—I tell myself—to review them. There is, of course, a perverse joy in watching terrible films, but t...
'The Haunting of Sharon Tate' - A Review (Netflix)
7 days ago
The B-roll of Los Angeles at night is quite good, and the title cards are accurate. These are the only positives I can find in the absolute abomination that is passing itself off as a film, The Haunti...
'Gerald's Game' - A Review (Netflix)
13 days ago
A middle-aged couple, Jessie and Gerald Burlingame (Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood) goes to a remote lake house to try and spice up their marriage. As they drive, Gerald nearly hits a stray, hungry ...
'He's Out There' - Review (Netflix)
13 days ago
Laura (Yvonne Strahovski), along with her daughters, Kayla and Maddie (real-life sisters Anna and Abigail Priowsky) are going to stay at a lake house, getting away from the city for the weekend. Her h...
'Deadly Detention'—Review (Netflix)
17 days ago
Less than five minutes into Deadly Detention, a Netflix teen horror flick, and I knew it was going to be eye-wateringly awful. It opens with a girl running from an unseen threat, along narrow corridor...
'Cam' - A Review (Netflix)
21 days ago
When asking someone to rate something between one and ten, a score below six would be considered poor. Even a five-point-nine would make you think twice about watching a show. It’s like less than thre...