Rebecca Larece

Dreamer Chapter 4
a year ago
The soldiers normally separate into two smaller teams, Josh, Eve, Max on one team and Nicole, Chris, and Joe on the other. However, this time they stayed as one group and headed onward. They would che...
Dreamer Chapter 3
a year ago
Lorrianna awoke, tired and a tad confused as she had the strangest dream but she couldn't recall what it was, only that it was strange. She pulled the covers off her, instantly regretting it as the co...
Dreamer Chapter 2
a year ago
Eyes shot open as the sound of the phone awoke him from his sleep, disoriented and confused for a moment. He slowly sitting up and looking at the top of his small dresser by his bed that had an empty ...
Dreamer Chapter 1
a year ago
The sun was shining down from a cloudless sky while Lorri looked out her window at the tree below from the second floor. She could only imagine how hot it might be outside as she wasn’t a fan of the s...
a year ago
Lorri walked through the tunnels quietly, barely able to see past the tears falling from her face. The ten-year-old girl roamed the dark tunnels for what seemed like hours, her little white dress dirt...