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I watch shit horror movies so you don't have to.  I post new reviews every Wednesday and Sunday, so stay tuned =D

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Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Blood Glacier' (2013)
8 days ago
Ehh, it was kinda cute. It might have actually been an okay movie if it wasn't for the down right abysmal English dubbing. Does anyone remember the original Resident Evil? not the movie, the video gam...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'The Mothman Prophecies' (2002)
9 days ago
I did like this movie, though it’s not without its problems. It was a worthy attempt at being cerebral horror, and while I did find it lacking, this movie walked the very thin line between paranormal ...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Phantoms' (1998)
11 days ago
I remember this being a pretty bad movie when I was a teenager growing up. I watched it again to determine if it was a good-bad movie or just another Ben Affleck bomb. I mean, Ben Affleck has a lot of...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Radius' (2017)
12 days ago
Here's the thing about this movie. There was a lot to hate about it, but a lot to love about it. It really felt like a ton of the plot was forced. I'm not sure if I can call it Deus Ex Machina, but th...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Under The Skin' (2013)
22 days ago
SPOILERS!!! And what do we know about my reviews if they start with spoilers? They're usually about shitty movies... Why does this feel like a revenge rape porn? This is essentially about some strange...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Trigger Warning: Body Horror Anthology' (2019)
25 days ago
I can easily say form the first three stories, that this anthology is worth the cover price. Madness Heart Press has done it again. So far, I’m actually more impressed with this anthology than Creepin...