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I'm the foulmouthed horror movie critic.  I post new reviews every Wednesday and Sunday, so stay tuned =D

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Reed Alexander's Review of 'The Ruins' (2008)
2 years ago
You know, I don't know why I like this movie so much. Maybe because it's not just horror, but survival horror. It has that "brink of madness, human limits tested, sense of dread" that I love so much a...
Reed Alexander's Review of 'He Never Died' (2015)
2 years ago
HENRY MOTHER FUCKEN ROLLINS!!! Yeah, I was likely going to eat this movie up even if it was a total wash, but I did make the best, albeit half-assed, attempt to look at the movie objectively and see p...
Reed Alexander's Review of Oculus (2013)
2 years ago
You don't have to read this review. You can watch the Cinema Sins and pretty much get the gist of what I'm about to say. I got to give the writer and director credit, cerebral horror is a very hard nu...
Reed Alexander's Review of "Harbinger Down (2015)"
2 years ago
Yeah, it was okay... Honestly, I'm a total fan boy for Lance Hendriksen, and have a fucked-up raging man boner for just about everything he's ever been in. Go figure... So, I guess you can say I can't...