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I watch shit horror movies so you don't have to.  I post new reviews every Wednesday and Sunday, so stay tuned =D

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Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'The Silence' (2019)
3 months ago
When I read the description on Netflix, my first impression was, "How the fuck did they not get sued?!" By reading the description alone, you know this is a blatant ripoff of A Quite Place. But you kn...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'The Thing' (2011)
3 months ago
My fans may remember from an earlier review that I found John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) to be one of the greatest all time classics. So, when I heard they were doing a new movie back in 2011, I fan...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Butterfly Kisses' (2019)
3 months ago
Can we talk about how fucking funny it is, that this is a fake documentary about a fake documentary? I fucking love the fact that they layered it like that. Also, props on the head nod to the original...
Cold: A Sample of a Short Story Published in the 'Sorrow Anthology'
3 months ago
Here’s a sample of my short thriller entitled “Cold.” You can find the full version in Sorrow: A Horror Anthology on Amazon. Check out the link to consider buying a copy. Cold. There was no other way ...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Pet Sematary' (2019)
3 months ago
Jesus fucking Christ, Jete' Laurence is fucking creepy. Can we take a minute to appreciate, that at no point, did she fuck this role up with a Silent Hill moment? That speaks volumes for her talent as...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Us' (2019)
4 months ago
Jordan Peele is hands down the new Master of Horror and I can't wait to see his take on The Twilight Zone when it airs. I should mention, I'm easily bored by home invasion movies. Regardless of the so...