Rhys Stewart-Crabtree

Originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast (USA), I now live in the Lowcountry of South Carolina (USA) with my husband and three cats. I am currently working on my larger series which can be found at www.thesevenworlds.net.

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Loving the Loveless
6 months ago
May 13, 2013 at 12:00pmDowntown, Charleston, SCSebastian Kane It was raining again but that didn't really matter much to him. He didn't need the weather clear and pristine to do his work, in fact he p...
Dirty Little Secret Part 3
6 months ago
If he wants to scream, he can't. Not because of anything nefarious on my part, though I'll admit that I'd thought about it. No, he can't scream because the kind of pain he's feeling steals the breath ...
Dirty Little Secret Part 2
6 months ago
Her scream is short and quick, covered into silence by his hand and I curse silently to myself. I'd been so intent on stalking him that I'd missed entirely that he was stalking his own prey. Fuck. Thi...
Beautiful Nightmare Part 4
7 months ago
I really should have known better. But she had been so complacent, finally behaving after nearly 24 hours of torture, so I had let her down from the ceiling hook without bothering to knock her out fir...
Beautiful Nightmare Part 3
7 months ago
"Please... I'm sorry." I pause and look up from where I'm cleaning the blood off the 'tail in the attached bathroom. Mariah is a sight to behold, dripping blood from multiple open welts that dot the o...
Beautiful Nightmare Part 2
7 months ago
I've always loved the sounds of screams. Not the fake shit that sex workers make for the benefit of their partners or even the kind made by those who scream an announcement of their orgasms. No, I'm t...