Sabri'A Price

I'm a 22 year old lover of all horror movies, books, tv shows, and video games. From psychological to slasher, I love it all!

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Movie Review: 'Carrie' (1976)
17 days ago
The original Carrie was directed by Brian De Palma and based off of Stephen King's novel. You can find it in Netflix's horror section! This is my first time watching any of the Carrie's. I didn't go w...
Movie Review: 'Tales of Terror: The Haunted Apartments' (2005)
22 days ago
I stumbled upon this horror gem by typing in "Japanese horror" in YouTube's search bar. That's right, the FULL movie is on YouTube. Tales of Terror: The Haunted Apartments was directed by Akio Yoshida...
Movie Review: 'Dead House' (2014)
23 days ago
Scrolling through Hulu's horror movies, I stumbled upon Dead House (2014), a film directed by Brini Amerigo and produced by Marco Palese. I judged a movie by its cover and assumed that people were goi...