Sam Cheesman

First year university student.

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'Drink Some Champagne, Flirt with a Hardbody, Find Some Blow'
a year ago
For the first time so far, this chapter really belongs to Price in that we see a completely different side to him and so, a completely different side to the Wall Street socialite "stereotype" that we’...
'You Should Stop Reading All Those Ted Bundy Biographies'
a year ago
This chapter seems relatively pointless in regards to the narrative of the book. Oddly, however, I think this is the point. Ellis wants us to sit through the pointless exchanges between Bateman and hi...
"Never Use Cologne on Your Face, Since the High Alcohol Content Dries Your Face Out and Makes You Look Older."
a year ago
This was the most solid block of text across four pages that I've ever laid eyes on, with almost no direct quotes or dialogue. This chapter is nothing more than an extremely fine-tuned description of ...
'You Better Have Change for a Fifty'
a year ago
It is worth pointing out that I have seen the film adaptation of this book multiple times and therefore I am approaching its key ideas and messages from a slightly different perspective than someone t...