Sara Kenney

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You Are What You Eat
10 months ago
Have you ever had a wet dream about pork sausage links or bacon-wrapped meatloaf? If so you might be like our stud Chuck Mcdonald. He is a lovely man who's dating profile says, “Country man with salt-...
Seven Plagues
10 months ago
“Well, well, well, we meet again.” “Good day Lucifer, how have you been?” “Just fucking dandy, a little burnt, but what else is new.” “What do I owe this pleasure?” “Bored and was wondering if you wan...
Old St. Nick
a year ago
“Thanks for letting me crash your Christmas Eve Party. Nice house you have,” I sat on the couch across from the hosts of the party and was on my third or fourth eggnog. It was ten-thirty at night and ...