Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems, short stories and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. I also review haircare, skincare and other beauty products. Instagram: grungefirepoetry fleekonabudget Facebook: grungefirepoetry 

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Forgiving Whispers
10 months ago
People say it's the memories that kill you in the end, the longing, the wishing for a different outcome that would never come to fruition that chipped away at your soul. Those words could've never bee...
Venomous Pain
10 months ago
The aesthetic of old Hollywood was something I grew up emulating until my teen years. Actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and even Bette Davis were among the many women starring in the ...
A Benevolent Touch
10 months ago
James Price had been a very naughty man up until karma had finally taken it upon itself to collect. He'd spent most of his days working at a minimum wage job, which barely left him with enough money t...
The Skull Man: Part 10
2 years ago
DANTE "Does Carter know you're out here?" Dante asked Hazel when he felt her presence behind him. He was staring into the woods surrounding Leech Lake Park in the middle of the night. The answers he'd...
The Skull Man: Part 5
2 years ago
HAZEL Did they know she was starting to enjoy hearing them suffer? She'd been the caged animal for so long and now that he had finally let her out of that cramped metal box, the scorching rage she fel...