Sheara KLC

A daydreamer,  mind wondering, thoughts pondering, like the ondulation in the ocean. I doodled, and wrote, pages with a thousand notes. My dreams like sci-fi movies, where the lines of reality and imagination blurr into imPOSSIBLE things.

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Killer Sins
9 months ago
Look at you! Just LOOK AT YOU! Your pretentious ways, your smirk and stance. You think everything is your little dance, and everyone is on the palm of your hand. Wrapped around your pretty little disg...
Occult Science
10 months ago
I've made spells that can bring down mountains, and spells that can build them. I've made people fall in love and fall apart. But this is a tale darker than any darkness, a tale of two lovers that lov...
Letter From a Stalker
2 years ago
When I met you I knew, I really had to have you. You pushed away, you had to say no, but all I need is just to have you close. The days merge into weeks the weeks into months, I keep to your every sha...