Skylar Abdeljalil

I like a lot of things; gaming, cooking, reading, and podcasts, amongst others. I also like telling people about things that I like.

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Four Theories About Why Vampires Hate Garlic
4 months ago
Vampires are one of the world's most feared supernatural creatures. These cunning predators have only one desire; to feast on the blood of humans. And, Twilight notwithstanding, they're terrifyingly g...
7 Abandoned Asylums That Are Definitely Haunted
4 months ago
The abandoned asylum is the quintessential horror movie setting; crumbling buildings where humanity's most helpless members were shut away, abused, neglected, and experimented on. Quite a few of these...
Why Does Hasbro Make Ouija Boards?
7 months ago
Hasbro Inc. is one of the best known toy companies in the entire world. They are responsible for manufacturing Nerf products, Baby Alive dolls, the Easy Bake Oven, and beloved board games such as Cand...
8 Podcasts That You Should Never Listen to in the Dark
10 months ago
Everyone loves a scary story. We watch horror movies, read countless Stephen King novels, and subscribe to Reddit threads such as No Sleep just for that tiny, primal thrill. But everyone has a limit, ...