Stefin Bradbury

Howl like you mean it.

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There's No Way Out Of Here
3 months ago
Before Jackson has a chance to continue, a raspy voice says from the shadows in the corner of the chapel, “Fred, werewolf.” “Hello, Fred,” we all say. A large beast of a man, partially wolfed-out, hai...
Cover My Face
4 months ago
After everyone does their best, “Hey, Corina,” that’s when she leans over, shows you a bit of fang, and says, “You stink. You smell like piss.” She says loud enough for Tre to hear, “Pee on me and you...
4 months ago
Tre, the one-armed man, he holds up a basket filled with biscuits. He hands it to the werewolf sitting off to the side, off in the shadows. This werewolf, he takes a biscuit then passes it to the dog ...
Welcome Home
4 months ago
Three showers, two bars of soap, and one unsatisfactory shit later, we still can’t get Tripod’s stench out of our hair. And it’s become more than just some physical olfactory obsession. Nothing seems ...
4 months ago
What started as mist has turned to drizzle. What began as a drizzle has become a downpour. The rain washes us, cleanses us. But bloodstains run deep and require more than just tears from heaven to dis...
Rusty Cage
4 months ago
When you’re a werewolf it’s always a full moon. New, old, wax or wane, the cycle doesn’t matter. That bitch can hide behind a mountain rising up through a sea of fog and still reach the very center of...