Stephen Biller

I'm a freelance writer who needs a little coffee to fuel a lot of imagination. Follow me on social media @oldmanbiller.

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Prey For Me Pt. 6
8 months ago
Aaliyah, Skeagan, and Valentina sat around the Prey brothers’ room, intently discussing the situation with the missing teens. Skeagan and Val had updated Aaliyah on their discovery at the abandoned ga...
Prey For Me Pt. 5
9 months ago
The sun sliced into the night sky with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel. Slowly, the clouds turned from a bruised purple to warm orange, as blades of golden light cut across the sky. Skeagan had s...
Prey For Me Pt. 4
9 months ago
Bitterly cold wind blew through the pine trees and clawed at the tents. They were clustered around a dying fire. Dimly glowing embers were all that was left in a ring of charred stones. “This was a ro...
Prey For Me Pt. 3
9 months ago
EVANN Beep! Beep! Beep! Evann woke with a start, his heart pounding in his chest. He could feel the blood thundering through his head. His pulse sounded as loud as his alarm, and he felt nauseous. Rea...
Prey For Me: Pt. 2
9 months ago
“Why, Logan?” Skeagan looked at his brother. “I just don’t understand why.” Logan’s friend Evann had been delivered safely home. Through a second-story window, Skeagan had noticed. Apparently, Evann’s...
Prey For Me Pt. 1
9 months ago
The wind that blew against the back of Skeagan’s bare neck was bitterly cold. The sturdy, dark-haired young man could not tell, however. From birth, he had been unable to feel either hot or cold. No o...