Syzygy Stories

Dark science fiction stories inspired by scientific discoveries. 

Phobia (Pt. 3)
a year ago
I entered the cold laboratory at 8:05 AM. I hate when I’m late for something. Just an idiosyncrasy I have. I was given a key to the lab yesterday. Not sure why. Only meet Dr. Hadley yesterday. Still u...
Phobia Pt. 2
a year ago
There’s a cacophony of lights swirling around my head. Vibrant pigments dancing in the night sky. Each one erratically jumping from one space to another like a psychotic gnat. Each one more iridescent...
Phobia (Pt. 1)
a year ago
I’ve had it since I was child. I never knew why or where I had gotten it, but it has drastically impacted my way of looking at people. My parents don’t have it. My brother had it for a while then got ...