Tanika Adesa

I am a college student with wild WILD dreams and nightmares. Welcome to my mind!

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3 AM (Pt. 2)
4 months ago
"Now remember kids if anyone offers you drugs, say 'thank you,' because drugs are expensive!" Piere "Why did you screw it up?" Dyll questioned as I ran homewards. Kissing Bonnie was the worst thing th...
3 AM (Pt. 1)
4 months ago
"Running away will never make you free!" Cybil " There's a new patient coming in next week," G whispered as she pretended to give me my medicine. She knew that I wouldn't take it and I knew that I did...
3 AM (Prologue)
6 months ago
Cybil I bit into my cheek as the screams of the girl in the next room shattered the near silence that the asylum was wrapped in. She was checked in about five years ago, I guess, and it's been the sam...
6 months ago
The cold air and little water droplets hit May's face as her feet struggled to keep up her father, Mr. Flake, it was a little too cold for the middle of summer, but the weather was the least of May's ...