Tom Baker

Author of Haunted Indianapolis , Indiana Ghost Folklore, Scary Urban Legends, Midwest Maniacs, Midwest UFOs and Beyond, Scary Urban Legends, 50 Famous Fables and Folk Tales Notorious Crimes of the Upper Midwest : 

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Alive It Is
a month ago
I first saw Frankenstein, the 1931 classic starring Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, and Edward van Sloan, on a black-and-white tube television in Central America. It was Halloween night, and I had settled...
The Butter Witch
2 months ago
Now, Words about Witches: Once, long ago, but, of all places, in Giro INDIANA, a woman was trying desperately to get her damned butter churn to cooperate. "Fie!" the woman intoned. "Some damn witch ha...
Rosabelle, Believe
2 months ago
Today is the ninety-second year anniversary of the punch that ended the life of Harry Houdini. Houdini, a legendary historical figure whose name has become the literal byword for illusion, stage magic...
Where, Oh Where Did Oliver Go?
2 months ago
Indiana history is haunted by the tale of young OLIVER LERCH. One fine evening, long, long ago, young Oliver went out to the well after dinner. To getet himself a drink, one supposes. The family—Ma, P...
Top 13 Scary Urban Legends
2 months ago
I've written two books on horrible urban legends. The first, Scary Urban Legends, was illustrated by John C. Eng, and is, really, quite good, if I do say so myself. It was published by Schiffer publishing, long, long ago. In that book, I recount the great urban legends, retelling them in my own inimitable fashion. I do this excellently, of course, and, the darn thing is terrific reading for children young and old. I'm glad we've established that fact. NOW... Let's get to the meat of this little ...
The Noxious Nuptials of Mad Sir John
2 months ago
We want to tell a little tale here. One that, really, we only know the bare bones concerning. (And there is really no humor intended by that first line. But, there is irony. Sir Johnathan Pryce, we ta...