Tom Baker

Author of Haunted Indianapolis , Indiana Ghost Folklore, Scary Urban Legends, Midwest Maniacs, Midwest UFOs and Beyond, Scary Urban Legends, 50 Famous Fables and Folk Tales Notorious Crimes of the Upper Midwest : 

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Hangman's Road
3 days ago
So, you want to learn the mystery of "Hangman's Road"? You want to know, exactly, why they call it Hangman's Road? Have you got a minute, my dear? Because it is rather a lot to relate. All true, by th...
When Mary Came Home
7 days ago
Bill looked out of the driver's side window and did a double-take. Standing at the edge of the road was what appeared to be a young girl. She had long blonde hair, was wearing a white dress, long. Kin...
The Creep on the Phone
11 days ago
She shivered on the couch, the bowl of popcorn resting across her crossed legs. "We interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin: a maniac has escaped from the Cravenshurst Hospital for the ...