Tom Baker

Author of Haunted Indianapolis , Indiana Ghost Folklore, Scary Urban Legends, Midwest Maniacs, Midwest UFOs and Beyond, Scary Urban Legends, 50 Famous Fables and Folk Tales Notorious Crimes of the Upper Midwest : 

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The Noxious Nuptials of Mad Sir John
a year ago
We want to tell a little tale here. One that, really, we only know the bare bones concerning. (And there is really no humor intended by that first line. But, there is irony. Sir Johnathan Pryce, we ta...
The Portrait
a year ago
A Charming Little Tale of a Painter and the Paranormal
a year ago
Kluge woke up that morning, rolled out of bed, went to the sink. He looked in the cracked, yellow mirror, wiped a hand across his eyes, twisted the little brass knob of the spigot. A trickle of water ...
The Handless Haunt of Spedlin's Tower
a year ago
Imagine being confined in a dark pit, a dungeon, and left manacled until, in an act of utter desperation, YOU EAT YOUR OWN HANDS. Apparently, it really happened. In Spedlin's Tower, an ancient hellhol...
Peter Stubbe
a year ago
There was a time when the world was primitive, ugly: ferocious, just like a hungry wolf. Man lived close to nature and close to the spirit of nature. Man lived in a world populated by strange and trou...
Haunting the Urinal
a year ago
The heavy metal band Slayer, known for their grim, Satanic lyrics as well as the breakneck speed with which they play, once released an album called Haunting the Chapel. You might call this article Ha...