Trevor Wells

I like to write about just about anything that interests me: horror, movies, TV shows, etc.

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Lifetime Review: 'In Bed with a Killer'
11 days ago
In the wake of her husband's death, Lena Mitchell (Jennifer Taylor) decides that the best thing for her and her teenage daughter Ashley (Rachel Rosenstein) is a fresh start somewhere else. After movin...
Lifetime Review: 'Killer Under the Bed'
4 months ago
After her father's untimely death in a car accident, Kilee (Brec Bassinger) moves with her mother Sarah (Kristy Swanson) and sister Chrissy (Madison Lawlor) to a new town to start fresh. This proves d...
Lifetime Review: 'Babysitter's Nightmare'
6 months ago
In the wake of a child patient's death, nurse Daphne Hart (Brittany Underwood) finds herself falsely getting much of the blame--despite the fact that superior was largely responsible for the tragedy. ...