Trevor Wells

Reviewer of Lifetime movies and other films that pique my interest.

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Film Review: 'We Know You Are Home'
5 days ago
For the small town of D'Arcadia, Halloween is no longer the festive night it once was—not since the unexplained disappearances of three trick-or-treaters that continues to haunt the town and its resid...
Film Review: 'Deadly Detention'
8 days ago
With their high school under fumigation, five teens find themselves being sent to an abandoned prison for Saturday detention: popular mean girl Lexie (Alex Frnka), athlete Jessica (Sarah Davenport), n...
Film Review: 'The Wrong Babysitter'
8 days ago
Ever since her detective husband Frank was murdered, artist Susan "Sue" Brown (Daphne Zuniga) has been trying to move forward, along with her precocious daughter Christy (Ava Hughes), who at 15 aspire...
Film Review: 'Hidden in Plain Sight'
11 days ago
Katie (Victoria Barabas) is a small-town waitress with a big secret to hide—starting with the fact that she's living under a false name. Originally an art gallery employee in the city, Katie began a r...
Film Review: 'The Redeeming'
11 days ago
During a cold and stormy night, Joyce (Tracey Ann Wood) is surprised when a young man comes to her front door. The man introduces himself as John (Ryan Wichert), and asks to take shelter in Joyce's co...
Film Review: 'Capps Crossing'
14 days ago
It was supposed to be a relaxing trip out in the woods for this group of friends: Kyle (Marcus Parker), his girlfriend Kara (Isabel Siragusa), Rob (Alex Acosta), and his girlfriend Robin (Ashley Sulli...