Trevor Wells

Reviewer of Lifetime movies and other films that pique my interest.

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Film Review: 'Secret Obsession'
17 days ago
After being chased through the night by an unseen assailant, Jennifer Williams (Brenda Song) is struck by a car as she tries to flee, leaving her with a broken foot and amnesia. It's in the hospital t...
Lifetime Review: 'The Stalker Club'
23 days ago
It all started with a simple text—a message to high school student Ashley (Kelcie Stranahan) and her circle of friends: her boyfriend Darren (JT Neal), queen bee Chloe (Alex Frnka), Chloe's jock boyfr...
Film Review: '#Captured'
a month ago
Fresh at a new school, following an ill-advised affair with her soccer coach, Ashley (Lizze Gordon) is surprised to find herself quickly pulled into a popular social circle at the school. Initially, u...
Lifetime Review: 'Trapped Model'
a month ago
Grace Somerville (Lucy Loken) wants to break into the modelling world, and is taking time away from going to college to pursue that dream—much to the disapproval of both her mother, Megan (Kiki Harris...
Lifetime Review: 'Hometown Killer'
2 months ago
It was an ordinary night for Tara Hensen (Kaitlyn Black), when she is suddenly attacked, and nearly robbed by a masked intruder. Her life is ultimately spared by a police officer arriving on the scene...
Lifetime Review: 'Killer Mom'
2 months ago
With her husband's arrest for investment fraud leaving her broke and without a home, Jessica Calders (Karen Cliche) finds herself desperate to reclaim the wealthy lifestyle she adores. Just when it se...